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Found this story online. The writer, Derek Ericson, claims it's TRUE! I'm hoping that someone who actually witnessed this event and is willing to comment on it (better yet, either the "victim" OR his opponent. And if the video of this exists, so much the better!

There was this gay bar over on 10th Avenue in the 20's (NYC), now
closed (I forget the name). One night they were having wrestling
exhibitions. I believe it may have been one of the gay wrestling
organizations here in the city, but can't be sure. The dance floor
had been cleared and several large wrestling mats had been placed
there. Metal folding chairs were placed on two sides of the mats,
facing each other.

Most of the wrestlers were in their mid 20's to early 40's. The
matches were interesting (collegiate style) and, if you find
wrestling erotic as I do, pretty stimulating to watch. The guys wore
a variety of outfits, some wore singlets, others tights. There was
one guy in a speedo who should have known better. Overall, though,
the guys were good-looking and in shape.

There were several women in attendance, and a female videographer was
taping the matches. We'll call her Lucy (she's actually a well-known
DJ/party promoter in the city). She was quite energetic, moving
around the place frequently, trying to get the best shots as the
matches progressed. The guys seemed comfortable around her. The other
women seemed completely at ease in this setting, and some of them
were quite enthusiastic, pointing and giggling on occasion.

I happened to be sitting near the section where the wrestlers were
waiting to go on. Near the middle of the evening, I struck up a
conversation with one guy who had just finished a match. He asked me
if I had enjoyed myself so far, and I said yes. He then said to be
sure to stay all the way through to the end of the night, because
something pretty hot was going to happen. I asked him what, and he
said that one guy in the last match was going to be stripped naked
and kept that way for as long as possible. Incredulous, I asked how
this was going to happen. He said that the last match of the night is
always an "anything goes" match and that the ref was going to allow
this to happen. In the past, he said, it had gotten rowdy, along the
lines of trunks being pulled down and butts exposed, but he said no
one had ever exposed genitalia and no one had EVER been completely
stripped nude. I asked him if the guy in question knew this was going
to happen and he said no, they were keeping it a secret, acting
totally onchalant around him all night. He said this guy was a
newcomer to the group and that "he has this coming to him." He then
pointed the "victim" out to me.

Well, if I had been planning to leave, the sight of this guy would
have changed my plans. He was tall, slender, blonde, with a swimmer's
build. He had on a canary yellow singlet but no wrestling boots or
socks (about half of the guys wrestled with bare feet, which is a
complete turn-on for me). The straps of the singlet concealed his
nipples. He was fairly tan and resembled the actor Noah Wylie (sp?)
from ER, except for the blonde hair. I asked my new buddy what this
guy's name was, and he told me. We'll refer to the guy from hereon as
BB (his initials).

I asked the other guy what he thought BB would do in the upcoming
situation, and he laughed and said that he had no idea, but that "I
hope he is thorougly humiliated." He wouldn't elaborate. He pointed
out the other participant in the final match, a tall, thin Dermot
Mulroney type with some chest hair, clad in black tights, a skimpy,
white muscle-T, boots, etc. Both of these guys, and my new pal,
looked to be in their early thirties.

The matches continued, and the one before the final match was an oil
grappling, with the guys covering the participants all over in baby
oil while the crowd hooted and hollered. This one had some choice
moments as one guy's light blue trunks were very sheer, and as the
oil soaked in, his buttocks were very clearly defined (he was wearing
a jockstrap, so no such luck in the front). The wrestlers who were
finished for the evening repeatedly doused the oil wrestlers with
baby oil, often gleefully aiming for strategic areas. By the end of
the match, the mat was covered in oil. They left it on for the final

The "anything goes" match. BB and the Dermot guy (we'll just call him
Dermot) went front and center. BB was still wearing the same thing,
but Dermot had taken off the boots and was going to wrestle barefoot
as well. I noticed that BB's singlet straps weren't as tight as he'd
like, particularly for some reason the left one, which threatened to
slide off his shoulder. He kept pulling it back toward his neck. I
remember joking with my buddy that an exposed nipple was going to be
the least of BB's problems.

The announcer proclaimed this match an "anything goes" match and
explained that it would proceed without any breaks and that the ref
would allow things he normally wouldn't. I am sure that public nudity
was on a lot of the crowd's minds, judging from the heckling that
followed that statement.

The match began, and it was immediately clear that Dermot was by far
the better wrestler. I asked my new friend how experienced BB was,
and he said "not very. He's new, and all new guys have to do an
anything-goes match in the beginning. This is his first."

They grappled for about five minutes or so. BB's strap continually
meandered down his left arm, never getting as far as his elbow before
he found a chance to pull it up. He had delicious straw-colored tufts
of underarm hair, which we saw a lot of, as Dermot seemed to be fond
of yanking BB's hand above his head and stretching him out on the
mat. BB's singlet cut just above his navel. His basket seemed less
packaged than some of the other guys. As they wrestled, the leftover
oil on the mats began to do interesting things to their outfits.
Dermot had black tights on, so the oil didn't make much of a
difference there. But BB's butt was absorbing a lot of the oil, and
his leg straps were riding up. Eventually Dermot yanked upwards on
the back of the singlet during one position, and BB's butt was
completely exposed, as if he were wearing a thong. This prompted a
delighted outburst from the crowd. He remained in that embarrassing
position for a solid two minutes or so, as Dermot had him in a

Lucy, of course, took full advantage of this and zoomed in on BB's
glistening ass.

BB got out of that predicament, but that darned left strap wasn't
benefitting from being dampened with oil. Finally, during one
encounter, it completely slipped off past his hand. Dermot playfully
yanked the other strap down, and BB was standing there basically
topless. I (and the guy next to me) was amused to see that BB's
nipples were standing tall. We both commented on that at the same
time, and laughed. Dermot apparently noticed this too, and during
another unfortunate position (for BB) in which he again had his head
pinned between Dermot's strong, muscular legs, Dermot reached down
and yanked on each nipple, simultaneously, prompting yelps of protest
from BB. Lucy kept taping. I was beginning to feel woozy.

I then noticed that BB's crotch was bulging. I said to my
buddy, "he's getting an erection, isn't he?" BB's colleague snickered
and said "Classic. I hoped this would happen."

BB was on his stomach, eventually, and it appeared that Dermot had
been signalled to do the dirty deed. He was crouching over BB and
reached down and pulled on the singlet straps. Backing up, he kept
pulling (to realistically horrified cries from BB and whoops of
encouragement from the crowd--one girl was beside herself with
excitement). The singlet worked its way down BB's waist, his ass, his
legs and then his feet and then it was off. BB was wearing a g-
string, and a thin one at that. He had a flawless tan line, and his
milky white ass was completely revealed. Lucy got so excited she
stepped on the mat and the ref had to tell her she couldn't do that.
However, the ref did allow another wrestler to step forward and douse
BB and Dermot with fresh baby oil, which made their bodies glisten
even more spectacularly. I began to rub my new buddy's leg, and he
returned the favor.

BB stood up (to cheers from the crowd). He wasn't completely erect,
but he had to be embarrassed as his g-string wasn't nearly enough to
cover his "situation". He pulled up on it, as if that would help, but
the murmuring among the crowd began: word was getting around what was
going to happen. I heard the word "naked" being murmured all around

BB complained to the ref, who merely told him to continue the match.
Clearly frazzled, he looked longingly to the corner of the mat where
Dermot had tossed his clothes and began to walk over there. But
Dermot wasn't having any of it, and grabbed his ankle, tossing him
back down to the mat. His g-string, a white cloth affair that did
nothing to conceal his boner, was a loose one, and as BB fell, it
was "jiggle city". I glimpsed a testicle as he plotzed on the mat.
The oil was making him slide all over the place.

Dermot and BB grappled some more, and I was astonished (and happy) to
see the tip of BB's penis begin to poke its way through the top of
his flimsy undergarment. Some of the older guys there were panting
heavily and the girls were just beside themselves. BB's wrestling
pals were commisserating (loudly) about his g-string, comments
like "stop shopping at Wal-Mart" and "when's the last time you jerked
off?" All in all, quite a randy bunch. One guy below me and off to
the side complained that Lucy kept getting in his view. I was
grateful for my choice spot.

Eventually the entire head of BB's penis was in view, and Dermot
could barely keep wrestling because he was laughing so hard. You'd
think BB would have taken advantage of that, but he was so
embarrassed that he was just going through the motions, trying to
pull up the basically useless g-string to cover his genitalia, only
to have his persistent boner peek out of it again.

Then, surprisingly, a girl yelled out, "take it off! We want to see
the whole thing!" and the crowd weirdly hushed. BB and Dermot were on
the mat and BB was in reach of his discarded singlet. He reached over
and actually was able to touch it, but then another fun thing

His g-string snapped.

He was on his stomach, reaching for the singlet, when it just gave
out. I saw the strap snap and fall against the mat. Not everyone saw
it at the same time, but word got around instantly. BB was frozen on
the mat as Dermot was sitting on his ankles.

"Turn him over!" people yelled. BB resisted with all his might,
trying to grap a side of the mat, but Dermot stood, pulled on his
forearms, and lifted him slowly into view. I had a perfect side view,
and it was hilarious to see BB's boner pop into view and smack him on
his belly, then stick out in triumph, every vein in startling clarity
with the lights of the club bearing down on it. The crowd cheered.
Lucy zoomed in on BB's penis. She was laughing her head off.

"Mercy! Mercy!" BB yelled, but Dermot was on a roll. He got BB in a
head scissors, BB's arms stuck out like a scarecrow with Dermot's
hands solidly on the back of his neck. I can't do justice to the
scene, but to see a helpless, handsome, naked man with a full
erection in front of this cheering crowd...well, it was very erotic,
prime jerk-off material for years to come. My new buddy and I were
rubbing each other's neck. Dermot paraded him around the mat, making
sure everyone got a great view. At one point, BB was smack dab in
front of the excited girl, and she reached out and actually grabbed
his penis for a moment, then squealed and let it go. BB was beet red
after that. The girl was delighted with herself.

They grappled some more. The naked BB was less adept at managing the
slippery mat and fell down a lot more than Dermot. Every time he
fell, we'd be treated to the sight of his bobbing boner bouncing up
and down. He began to favor positions where he was turned into either
Dermot or on his stomach on the mat, so his frontal nudity would be
minimized. Dermot would whirl him around for the crowd every chance
he got. At one point, though, he got him in a bear hug. For leverage,
BB threw his legs around Dermot's body. That was a mistake. Dermot
put his hands on BB's bare ass and lifted him upwards. This caused
BB's penis to pop into view, pointing downwards. It must been a
painful position for BB. As everyone noticed this, there was a wave
of laughter from the crowd, and Dermot began to shake with laughter.
He moved his hands closer into BB's ass crack, and yanked open his
buttocks so we could all see more of him. Indignant, BB mustered a
wave of strength, and broke out of the bear hug, falling to the mat.
It was a brief but enticing view of one of the most intimate parts of
a man's body (and there would be more exposure of that very private
area very soon). For the first time, I looked to see if Dermot had a
hard-on (his black tights weren't as interesting to look at at BB's
naked penis and ass, you see). It appeared as if he did, but the
tights gave him a modesty that BB could only dream about at this

Dermot easily took control of BB back down on the mat. At one point,
he was sitting on BB's chest, yanking BB's legs back. BB's balls
poked through his legs in a most lascivious fashion. The buttocks
were slightly spread, as Dermot had his arms around the back of BB's
knees. Dermot was looking straight down at BB's testicles, grinning
like a madman. BB was livid at this position, since it was inspiring
some rather hilarious comments (one guy implored Dermot to put his
face down and "give his balls a bath"). Lucy of course got this all
on tape, although at this point I remember she repeatedly had to put
down the camera because she was laughing so hard. Pushed to the
limits of embarrassment and humiliation, BB was struggling mightily
to get out of this very graphic position. Finally, he was able to
push Dermot off of him. They briefly stood up again, and Dermot got
BB in a head scissors position once more. They slid back down on the
mat. Dermot was on his back and he had BB spread-eagled on top of
him. He pushed BB's legs farther apart, so there was NOTHING left to
our imaginations. This position was even more revealing than the
previous one! I was grateful for the club's decision to spotlight the
mat so brightly. This is what I will never forget staring at, for
Dermot was able to keep the struggling, but quickly expiring BB in
this position for a solid five minutes (at least):

BB's underarms were stretched to the limit, every hair visible. His
nipples stood up with a painful need for attention (I would have been
willing to help, believe me). His penis looked, to me, to be at
total, full expansion. I say that because his testicles were
absolutely bulgingly tight. He had minimal pubic hair, so his
genitals were very vividly displayed. We were even able, finally and
extensively, to view BB's exposed anus (he was hairless, I can tell
you with authority). It was way cool to see how his slightly fleshy
buttocks changed shape as they made contact with Dermot's tights. No
one ever commented on the fact that we had such an intimate view of
BB's hole, but people were getting up and going to the section where
it was displayed to best advantage, a fact that was not lost on BB,
whose main focus increasingly was to close his legs. But Dermot was
either too strong or BB was too tired and frazzled, and so the image
of that part of BB's body (along with everything else, of course) is
burned forever in, oh, about 100 people's memories! Lucy feverishly
circled around the mat, getting this from as many angles as possible.
The zoom lens was working overtime, it appeared.

BB was murmuring something to Dermot, I couldn't tell what, and
Dermot was laughing hysterically. Then my buddy said to me, "look,
he's leaking" and I did indeed notice that BB was oozing pre-cum, in
increasingly copious amounts. One strand attached itself to his belly
and stubbornly refused to break, a fact that did not go uncommented
upon by my buddy, who yelled "B, you're so attached to yourself!"
It was insanely erotic, watching this poor guy get so thorougly
humiliated. I almost wanted to stop the whole thing and take him home
to comfort him. Not.

I was hoping that BB would get so stimulated he would accidentally
cum, but his buddies took a different approach. After BB began to
ooze, it was clear from the comments around me the next mission was
to make him cum. My buddy yelled just that: "Make him shoot, Larry"
(to Dermot, Larry being his real name). A girl yelled, "Yeah, give us
the icing on the cake!" Merciless.

Dermot got BB in a position whereby Dermot's chest, the exposed part,
was directly on top of BB's genitals. He then began to manipulate
BB's midsection up and down so that the oil from both their bodies
must have been sliding up and down on BB's shaft as if he was being
masturbated. Dermot flexed and gyrated so that BB's penis was coming
into contact with the area between Dermot's pecs, which must have
been driving BB wild (it was certainly was having that effect on me
and the rest of the crowd). BB implored Dermot to stop, and Dermot
laughed maniacally.

BB wildly thrashed about, trying to slide away from Dermot, but to no
avail. Suddenly he yelled out and Dermot threw his head back,
laughing so hard no actual sound emerged. He adjusted his position to
reveal BB's body.

BB was shooting a load. Or rather, gushing one. The crowd erupted in
cheers. Some of BB's cum was on Dermot's chest, but most of it was
landing just under BB's neck. A strand was attached from BB's belly
to Dermot's muscle-T, but unfortunately, it quickly broke. There was
ejaculate hanging from BB's penis. BB moved to wipe it off but Dermot
pinned his hands down. Lucy apparently had asked the ref if she could
get the ultimate close-up, because she went right next to BB's body
and taped him. BB was screaming in protest for her to stop. A few of
the crowd, mostly girls, began to leave at this point, looking
slightly aghast.

Incredibly, BB's degradation didn't stop there. Dermot got up and
grabbed BB's ankles and dragged him around the mat. BB thrashed about
trying to twist over so that he couldn't be seen (and taped) with cum
all over him. That didn't work, so he then amusingly (and rather
pitifully) began to rub in the cum with the oil, as if we already
hadn't seen it anyway. This was an exercise in futility, really, as
BB's cum was thick and snow-white and all he really managed to do was
to turn cum globs into cum strands. Lucy was taping everything with a
feverish intensity. Then, in total exasperation, BB covered his face
with his cum-drenched hands. Dermot began to tickle his feet,
dragging him around the mat like a wheelbarrow at first, then
settling down on the mat. BB was going nuts at this, he seemed to be
incredibly ticklish. Another wrestler went out to the mat and sat
down above BB"s head, putting his naked feet on BB's shoulders and
pulling his arms above his head. "Anybody wanna do his armpits?" He
yelled at the wrestling team, whose members' reactions to this
alternated between hysterical laughter and jaw-dropping silence.
Taking that lead, my buddy said, do you wanna have some fun with this
guy? Horny and high, I said "Yeah!" so we went down to the mat and my
buddy began to poke at BB's armpits. BB was magnificently ticklish
and he was incoherently yelling at us. I gazed at his naked body,
lathered with cum and baby oil, rubbed red in places (albeit not as
red as his face, which was a divine picture of rage, embarrassment
and humiliation). I tried to stay out of Lucy's camera range, but I
couldn't resist saying to BB, "here, you missed a spot," and rubbed
an unencumbered ejaculate glob into his left nipple, where it had
been resting comfortably. I of course tweaked the painfully erect
nipple as well. BB furiously thrashed about, to no avail, and the
tickling continued to the delight of most of the crowd. Then a few of
his teammates went over to the ref and our fun had to end.

The ref told us all to stop. The crowd groaned. Dermot slapped BB on
his belly and told him "thanks for a good match." Then as if nothing
had occurred, he got up and went for a towel. The other guy released
BB's arms, and BB shot up from the mat like a cannon, grabbed his
tattered singlet and staggered into it as best he could. That was a
hilarious sight. Lucy filmed it.

I looked at my new buddy and said "I live nearby." He left around
three the next day.

I found out that Lucy's tape was destroyed. I learned later the
wrestling club felt BB had been humiliated enough. I would wager
copies were made, though. I have tried to get one, but the club
closed ranks over this incident. Amazingly, BB remained a member (so
to speak). I see him in the clubs from time to time. He always
blushes when he sees me.

I never did find out what BB did to deserve such a public
humiliation, but if he ever reads this on the net, I am sure he would
be mortified to know I remember it in such detail.

What do you think guys? True?


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