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Ace Crusher 
Johnny Ace (Sit-Out � Facelock Bulldog)
Acid Drop (Dudley Dog) 
Spike Dudley (Ascending Springboard Corner 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Matt Sydal (Goryspecial into Neckbreaker)
Akio (James Yun) (Off the Top Turnbuckle Corkscrew Moonsault)
Alabama Slam 
Hardcore Holly (High-Angle off the shoulder Spinebuster Slam)
Amazing Leg Drop 
N8 Mattson (Off The Top Rope Guillotine Leg Drop)
Scotty Riggs (Fisherman Suplex)
Amish Bomb 
Roadkill (Off the Top Turnbuckle Splash)
The Amityville Horror 
Chris Chetti (Fireman's Carry into a Michinoku Driver)
Anaconda Vice 
CM Punk (Modifed Shoulder Hold Submission)
Angel's Wings 
Christopher Daniels (Spinning Sit-Out Double Underhook Facebuster)
Angle Slam (Olympic Slam) 
Kurt Angle (Spinning Elevated Argentine Backbreaker Slam)
Arabian Facebuster 
Sabu (Leg Drop with Chair)
Nunzio (Springboard Armbreaker)
Asai DDT 
Ultimo Dragon (3/4 Facelock into Backflip Reverse DDT)
Asai Moonsault 
Ultimo Dragon (Off the Second Rope Springboard Moonsault)
Assault Driver 
"Sick" Nick Mondo (Sit-Out Wrist-Clutch Electric Chair Drop Front Slam)
Atomic Leg Drop 
Hulk Hogan (Running Leg Drop)
Atom Smasher 
Adam Bomb (Powerbomb with Kneeling Pin)
Au Revoir 
La Resistance (Suplex Combo into Spinning Neckbreaker)
Awesome Bomb 
Mike Awesome (Running one-shoulder Crucifix Powerbomb)
Awesome Splash 
Mike Awesome (Off the Top Turnbuckle Frog Splash)

Back to the Future 
Frankie Kazarian (Wristclutch Electric Chair Bomb bridged into a pin)
Badd Splash (Wildman Splash) 
Johnny B. Badd (Running Corner Body Splash)
Badd Day 
Johnny B. Badd (Super Hurracanrana)
Ball Breaker 
Balls Mahoney (Irish Whip into Sit-Out Spinebuster)
Ball and Gag 
Basham Brothers (Clothesline and Russian Leg Sweep Combination)
Kid Kash (Elevated Cradle Neckbreaker)
Banzai Drop 
Yokozuna (Off the Second Turnbuckle Sitting Splash)
Danny Doring (Shoulder Jawbreaker)
Barber's Chair 
Brutus Beefcake (Sleeper Hold)
Batista Bomb (Demon Bomb)
Batista (Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Benjamin Frostkick 
Shelton Benjamin (Super Sidekick)
Bear Hug 
"Superstar" Billy Graham
BK Bomb 
Billy Kidman (Sitout Spinebuster Slam)
BME (Best Moonsault Ever)
Christopher Daniels (Double Springboard Moonsault)
Big Dick Driver 
Big Dick Dudley (Argentine Neckbreaker)
Bionic Elbow 
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (Elbow Smash to Head)
Bitch Clamp 
Jazz (Sky Lift Double Chickenwing)
Black Hole Slam 
Abyss (Spinning Side Slam)
Black Out 
Rodney Mack (Cobra Clutch Sleeper Hold)
Lance Hoyt (Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb)
Orlando Jordan (Reverse STO)
Blonde Bombshell 
Chris Candido (Off the Top Turnbuckle Powerbomb)
Bombs Away Knee Drop 
Ray "The Crippler" Stevens (off the top turnbuckle or top rope Knee Drop)
Bomb Scare Knee Drop 
Doug Williams (Off the Top Turnbuckle Knee Drop);
La Resistance (Double Spinebuster)
Boogey Crusher 
The Boogeyman (Pumphandle Slam)
Book End 
Booker T (Modified Uranage) (Modified Throat Slam Suplex)
Boomerang Clothesline 
Outback Jack (Clothesline into Spinning Clothesline)
Boss Man Slam 
Big Boss Man (Spinning Sidewalk Slam)
Chris Jericho (Inverted Full-Nelson Russian Legsweep)
Brain Damage 
Danny Basham (Double Choke Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Break Down 
Chris Jericho (Butterfly Suplex followed by Alabama Powerbomb)
Brock Lock 
Brock Lesnar (Stretch Muffler Crab)
Bubba Bomb 
Bubba Ray Dudley (Sit-Down Full Nelson Drop)
Bubble Bobble Buster 
Player Uno (Inverted Brainbuster)
Buff Blockbuster 
Buff Bagwell (Top Rope Somersault Neckbreaker)
Burning Hammer 
Kenta Kobashi, Dan Maff (Inverted Fireman's Carry Brainbuster)
Busaiku Knee Kick 
KENTA (running knee smash)
Buzzsaw Kick 
Tajiri (Roundhouse Kick to the head of a seated opponent)

Paul Burchill (Standing Moonsault Uranage)
Cactus Clothesline 
Cactus Jack (clothesline to the outside)
Camel Clutch 
Iron Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter, Muhammad Hassan, Shawn Daivari
Canadian Destroyer
Petey Williams (Front Flip Piledriver)
Canadian Maple Leaf (Straight Shooter) 
Lance Storm (Rolling Single Leg Crab)
Chris Harris (Wind-Up Uranage)
Cattle Mutilation 
"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (Front Bridging Double Chicken Wing)
Chainsaw Kick 
Tyson Tomko (Quick Big Boot/Yakuza Kick)
Chartbuster (Last Dance) 
Disco Inferno (Sit-Out 3/4 Facelock Jawbreaker)
Chaos Theory 
Doug Williams (Roll-through German Suplex Pin)
Chick Kick 
Trish Stratus (Standing Roundhouse Kick)
The Boogeyman (Chokebomb)
Chokeslam from Hell 
Kane (Chokeslam)
Chyna Bomb 
Chyna (Powerbomb)
Scotty Anton (Sharpshooter)
Clawhold STO 
Kenzo Suzuki (Clawhold into a Leg Sweep)
Clothesline from Compton 
"Monsta" Steve Mack (Strong Running Clothesline)
Clothesline from Hell / Clothesline from Wall Street 
John Bradshaw Layfield (Strong Running Clothesline)
Cobra Clutch 
Sgt. Slaughter, Rene Dupree (Cobra Clutch Sleeper Hold)
Cock o' the Walk 
The Red Rooster (Elevated Back-To-Back Hammerlock)
Code Red 
Amazing Red (Sunset Flip Powerbomb into Pin)
Code Red 
Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo (Reverse Electric Chair and Off the Top Turnbuckle Bulldog combination)
Edge & Christian (Double Chair Shot to Head)
Ron Killings (Kneeling Muscle Buster)
Contra Code (Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-SELECT START) 
Jimmy Jacobs (Running Corner Back Flip Sit-Out 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Cool Breaker 
Carlito Caribbean Cool (Single-Arm Swinging Leg Cradle Neckbreaker)
Coquina Clutch 
Samoa Joe (Rear Naked Choke)
(Da) Cop Killer 
Homicide (Reverse Gory Special Piledriver)
Cosmic Cyclone (Calling London) 
Paul London (Off the Top Turnbuckle 450 Splash)
Cradle Shock 
Chris Sabin (Fireman's Carry into a Michinoku Driver)
Crash Landing 
Crash Holly, EZ Money (Inverted Double Underhook Belly-to-back Mat Slam)
Crazy Bomb 
Super Crazy (Straight Jacket Hold Lift into Powerbomb)
Cred-Ability (J-Kick) 
Justin Credible (Thrust Kick)
Jason Cross (Shooting Star Press into Legdrop)
Cryonic Kick 
Glacier (Shuffle Super Kick)
Crippler Crossface 
Chris Benoit (Single-Arm Crossface)
The Cure 
Sick Boy (Double Underhook Facebuster)
Curtain Call 
Goldust (Inverted Facelock Suplex)
Cut-throat driver 
Mark Briscoe (Inverted Fireman's Carry Brainbuster with the left arm across the neck)

Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Dead Sea Drop (DSD) 
Shark Boy (Top-rope Somersault Three-quarter Facelock Jawbreaker)
Dead Level 
Kid Kash (Brainbuster)
Death is Welcome 
Chris Hero (Jumping Rolling Cutter)
Death Sentence 
America's Most Wanted (Bearhug Hold and Off the Top Turnbuckle Leg Drop Combination)
Death Valley Driver 
Perry Saturn, Orlando Jordan (Fireman's Carry into Brainbuster)
Deep Impact 
Lance Storm (Jumping Piledriver)
Demolition Decapitation 
Demolition (Cross Knee Backbreaker and Off the Top Turnbuckle Elbow Drop Combination)
Derailer (Baldo Bomb) 
A-Train (Double Choke into Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Diamond Cutter 
Diamond Dallas Page (3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Diamond Dust 
Masato Tanaka (Top-rope Somersault Three-quarter Facelock Jawbreaker)
Doctor Bomb 
Dr. Death Steve Williams (Gutwrench Powerbomb)
Doggy Pump Handle Slam 
Road Dogg (Pumphandle Drop Slam)
Dogface Bulldog 
Rick Steiner (Off the Top Turnbuckle Bulldog)
Faarooq, Bobby Lashley (Standing Inverted Pancake Slam)
Doomsday Device 
Road Warriors (Electric Chair Drop and Off the Top Turnbuckle Clothesline combination)
Downward Spiral 
Edge (Reverse Russian Leg Sweep)
Dragon Clutch 
Low Ki (Reverse Naked Choke Hold)
Dragon Sleeper 
Ultimo Dragon (Reverse Naked Choke Hold)
Dragon Suplex 
Tatsumi Fujinami, Jay Lethal (Full Nelson Suplex) (Flipping Release Full Nelson Suplex)
Dragon Whip 
Shelton Benjamin (Standing Side Spin Kick)
Dream Cutter 
Tommy Dreamer (Cutter)
Dreamer DDT 
Tommy Dreamer (Snap DDT)
Dreamer Driver
Tommy Dreamer (Scoop Slam Piledriver)
Paul London (Dropkick Moonsault)
Droppin' the Dime 
Rey Mysterio (Springboard Leg Drop)
Dudley Device 
Bubba Ray Dudley & Devon Dudley (Electric Chair Drop and Off the Top Turnbuckle Clothesline combination)
Dupree Driver 
Ren� Dupree (Modified Sit-Out Brainbuster Driver)

Erik Watts (Powerbomb into Turnbuckles)
Edge O' Matic 
Edge (Backward Slam)
Edge (Modified Leg-Lace Grapevine)
Edge (Impaler DDT)
Ego Trip (Whiplash) 
Rob Conway (Spinning Neckbreaker from Suplex Position)
Egoist Schwein 
Gene Snitsky (Pumphandle Side Slam)
El Fondo Del Abismo 
Apolo (Side Slam)
Jun Akiyama, Shelton Benjamin (T-Bone Suplex)
Eye of the Hurricane (Nightmare on Helms Street) 
The Hurricane (Inverted Facelock Elbow Drop)
E.Z. Driver 
E.Z. Money (Reverse Tombstone Piledriver)

Brock Lesnar, Matt Morgan (Fireman's Carry Spinning Rack DDT)
John Cena (Modified Standing Fireman's Carry Slam)
Fall From Grace 
Christopher Daniels (Cross-Arm Iconclasm)
Fall From Grace 
Trinity (Off the Top Turnbuckle Moonsault)
Billy Gunn (Leg drop DDT)
Ernest "The Cat" Miller (Spinning Roundhouse Kick)
Final Cut 
The Big Show (Inverted Facelock Elbow Drop)
Five Arm 
Terry Taylor (Flying Clothesline)
Five Star Frog Splash 
Rob Van Dam (High Elevation Frog Splash)
Chris Kanyon (Reverse STO)
Flux Capacitator 
Frankie Kazarian (Moonsault Uranage Slam off the top turnbuckle)
Flying Elbow Drop 
Shawn Michaels, Lance Cade, "Macho Man" Randy Savage
Shane Douglas (Shoulder Jawbreaker)
Scott Steiner (Frankensteiner)
Freestyle (Protoplex) 
John Cena (Spin-Out Side Powerbomb)
Johnny Stamboli (Sitout Uranage) (Gorilla Press Slam)
Funky Flash Splash (Scorpio Splash) 
Flash Funk (2 Cold Scorpio) (Off the Top Turnbuckle 450 Splash)
Future Shock 
Chris Sabin (Double-Leg Fisherman's Buster)
Future Shock 
Christian York & Joey Matthews (Double Super Powerbomb)

G-Spot Sweep 
Danny Doring (Full Nelson Front Russian Leg Sweep)
Game Genie 
Player Uno (Rope-Assisted Double Underhook Piledriver)
Garvin Stomp 
Ronnie Garvin (Stomps all around the body)
Gas Mask 
Pete Gas (Reverse Full Nelson Slam)
Skinner (Reverse DDT Neckbreaker)
Ghetto Blaster (Back Brain Kick) 
Bad News Allen (Standing Enziguri)
Rhino (Spear)
Go 2 Sleep 
KENTA (Fireman carry -> swing down and knee to head)
Green Bay Plunge 
Ken Kennedy (Inverted Samoan Drop) or (Top-Rope Flipping Samoan Drop)
Greetings From Asbury Park 
Bam Bam Bigelow (Over-the-Shoulder Belly-to-Belly Sit-Out Piledriver)
Gunn Slinger (Gunn Stinger) 
Billy Gunn (Swinging Side Slam)

Haas of Pain 
Charlie Haas (Elevated Inverted Leg-Lace Stretch)
Shannon Moore (Top Rope Corkscrew Moonsault)
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Running Shoulder Tackle)
Hands of Stone 
Ronnie Garvin (Straight Punch)
Hang Time 
Matt Morgan (Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Hanging Dragon 
Low Ki (Hanging Reverse Naked Choke Hold from the Top Turnbuckle)
Hangman's Clutch 
Chris Hero (Three-Quarter Chancery/STF Combination)
Hangman's Clutch II 
Chris Hero (Three-Quarter Chancery/Crossface Combination)
Hart Attack 
Hart Foundation (Bearhug into Running Inverted Bulldog Combo)
Hart Attack 
Teddy Hart (Shooting Star Press)
Hart Attack 2.0 (Lethal Injection) 
Teddy Hart (Shooting Star Elbow Drop)
Hero's Welcome 
Chris Hero (Rolling Cutter)
Hero's Welcome Championship Edition 
Chris Hero (Twisting Michinoku Driver II)
Hindu Press 
Sonjay Dutt (Off the Top Turnbuckle Corkscrew 450 Splash)
Hip Hop Drop 
Grandmaster Sexay (Top Rope Leg Drop)
Hollycaust (Falcon Arrow) 
Hardcore Holly (Delay Brainbuster Suplex into Michinoku Driver)
Honor Roll 
Christopher Nowinski (Rolling Double Underhook Slam)
Hot Shot 
"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (Stun Gun)
Hurrislam (Hurri-Chokeslam) 
Hurricane (Chokeslam)

Gangrel (Elevated DDT)
Amazing Red (Off the Top Turnbuckle Corkscrew Senton)
Inverted 3-D 
Dudley Boyz, Acolytes Protection Agency (Back Suplex Neckbreaker Combination)
It Came From Japan 
Alex Shelley (Straightjacket Northern Lights Bomb)
It Came From Japan II 
Alex Shelley (Cross Legged Brainbuster)

Goldberg (Stalling Suplex Powerslam)
Jackknife Powerbomb 
Kevin Nash (High Angle Powerbomb)
Jalape�o Popper 
Julio Dinero (Modified Fireman's Carry into Neck Breaker)
JBL Bomb
John Bradshaw Layfield (Powerbomb)
Jay Briscoe (Leaping Double Underhook Piledriver)
Johnson Shuffle
Rocky Johnson, Orlando Jordan (Punching combo)
Jungle Kick (The Whack) 
Chuck Palumbo (Thrust Kick)
Juvi Driver 
Juventud Guerrera (Sit-out Scoop Powerslam)
Juvi Splash 
Juventud Guerrera (450 Splash)

Kanyon Cutter 
Chris Kanyon (3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Ki Krusher 99 
Low Ki (Fisherman Screwdriver)
Kiss Of Death 
Little Guido (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster)
Kryptonite Krunch 
Nova (over the shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver)
Krush Rush 
Low Ki (Slam into Turnbuckle while Grasping Mid-Suplex)

La Silla 
Rey Mysterio (Springboard Seated Senton)
Lasso From El Paso 
Eddie Guerrero (Modifed Elevated Inverted Leg Lock Stretch)
Last Call 
Bradshaw (Overhead Fall Away Powerslam)
Last Dance 
Disco Inferno (Reverse Standing Figure Four Leglock)
Last Impression 
Doug Basham (Running Leg Lariat)
Last Ride 
The Undertaker (Elevated Powerbomb)
Last Rites 
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (Inverted Facelock Spinning Neckbreaker)
Lawler Fist Drop 
Jerry Lawler (Second Rope Falling Fist)
Leap of Faith 
Shane McMahon (Off the Top Turnbuckle Elbow Drop)
Lethal Injection 
Jay Lethal (Cutthroat Pumphandle Sitout Powerbomb)
Lethal Injection II (Lethal Driver) 
Jay Lethal (Springboard Implant DDT)
Liger Bomb 
Jushin Liger (Running Sitout Powerbomb)
Lion Tamer 
Chris Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab with knee placed in lower back)
Chris Jericho (Running Springboard Moonsault)
Lita (Diving Hurricanrana)
Lita (Slow Off the Top Turnbuckle Moonsault)
London Calling 
Paul London (Off the Top Turnbuckle 450 Splash)(Shooting Star Press)
'Lo Down 
D'Lo Brown (Hyper Extending Off the Top Turnbuckle Frog Splash)
Love Handles 
Dude Love (Mandible Tongue Nerve Hold)

Mac Stunner 
Vince McMahon (Modified Sit-down 3/4 Facelock Jawbreaker)
Magic Carpet Ride 
Khosrow Daivari (Shawn Daivari) (Off the Top Turnbuckle Splash with a Carpet)
Mandible Claw 
Mankind (Mandible Tongue Nerve Hold)
Mark of Excellence/Perfection 
Mark Jindrak (Back Suplex into Uranage)
Master Lock 
"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters (Swinging Full Nelson)
Matthew Kevin Connection 
Kevin Matthews (Running sit-out powerbomb)
Adam Bomb (Pumphandle Powerslam)
Michinoku Driver
Taka Michinoku (Double Underhook Implant DDT)
Michinoku Driver II
Taka Michinoku (Sit-out Scoop Piledriver)
Mickie James (Huracanrana)
Mick Kick
Mickie James (Spinning Back Kick to Mid-Section)
Million Dollar Dream 
"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (Cobra Clutch Sleeper Hold)
Modified Swinging Neckbreaker 
Molly Holly (Off the Top Turnbuckle Front Flip Sit-Down Splash)
Money Maker 
Kid Kash (Double Underhook Piledriver)
Money Shot 
Val Venis (Off the Top Turnbuckle Splash)
Shannon Moore (Off the Top Turnbuckle Somersault Neckbreaker)
Super Crazy, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow
Mosh Pit 
Mosh (Off the Top Turnbuckle Sit Down Splash)
Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza 
Perry Saturn (Swinging Fisherman's Suplex)
Muscle Buster 
Samoa Joe (Double Leg-Capture Brainbuster)
Move With No Name 
Paul Burchill (Grounded Pumphandle Lift into Sidewalk Slam)

Nail in the Coffin 
Vampiro (Scoop Sit-Out Powerslam)
Natural Disaster 
The Naturals (Neckbreaker Combo)
New Jersey Jam 
Balls Mahoney (Off the Top Turnbuckle Leg Drop)
New Jersey Naptime 
Droz (Sit-Down Powerbomb)
No Joke 
Hugh Morrus (Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker)
No Laughing Matter 
Hugh Morrus (Off the Top Turnbuckle Moonsault)
No Remorse 
Riggs (Chicken Wing)
Nutcracker Suite 
Balls Mahoney (Sit-Out Brainbuster Driver)
Torrie Wilson (Sitout facebuster)

Old School 
The Undertaker (Walks on the top rope, then jumps off, hitting opponent in the arm)
Old School Expulsion 
Steve Corino (Inverted Facelock Neckbreaker)
Omega Event 
Hardy Boyz (Double Off the Top Turnbuckle Leg Drop)
One and Only 
Billy Gunn (Sleeper Hold into Uranage)
One Night Stand 
Alex Shane (Modified Standing Fireman's Carry Slam)
Open Hart Surgery 
Teddy Hart (Somersault Corkscrew Legdrop)
Osaka Street Cutter 
Super Delfin (Inverted Suplex into 3/4 Facelock Jawbreaker)
Outsider's Edge (Razor's Edge) 
Scott Hall/Razor Ramon (Crucifix Powerbomb)
Randy Orton, Matt Striker (Leg Cradle Spinning Neckbreaker)

Panty Drop Elbow 
Danny Doring (Off the Top Turnbuckle Elbow Drop)
Jamie Noble (Front Facelock Choke)
Pearl River Plunge
Ahmed Johnson (Double Underhook Sit-out Powerbomb)
Triple H, Chyna (Double Underhook Facebuster)
Penile Implant 
Big Dick Dudley (Shoulder Carry into Spinning Facebuster)
People's Elbow 
The Rock (Augmented Running Elbow Drop)
Pepsi Plunge 
CM Punk (Off the Top Turnbuckle Double Underhook Facebuster)
Mr. Perfect (Fisherman's Suplex)
Pickin' the Dime 
Rey Mysterio (Springboard Splash)
Picture Perfect Elbow 
Michael Shane (Diving Elbow Drop)
Pimp Drop 
The Godfather (Fireman's Carry into Brainbuster)
Pittsburgh Plunge 
Shane Douglas (Fisherman's Suplex Brainbuster)
Phoenix Splash 
Hayabusa (Off the Top Turnbuckle Twisting 450 Splash)
Play of the Day 
"Primetime" Elix Skipper (Single-Arm Swinging Leg Cradle Neckbreaker)
Poison Ivory 
Ivory (Leaping Kneeling Facebuster)
Polish Hammer 
Ivan Putski, Scott Putski(Running Double Axehandle)
Porn Plex 
Val Venis (Fisherman's Suplex Pin)
"Alpha Male" Monty Brown (Running Shoulder Block with Exploding Shove)
Power of the Punch 
William Regal (Left-handed punch using Brass Knuckles)
Problem Solver 
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger (Flapjack and DDT combo)
Psycho Guillotine 
Psychosis (Diving Leg Drop)

Mike Quackenbush (Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb)
Mike Quackenbush (Springboard Front Flip 360 Spinning Senton)

Rat Star Press 
Deranged (Standing Shooting Star Press)
Rat Trap 
Steven Richards (Reclining Chin Lock)
Raven Effect (Evenflow) 
Raven (Flowing DDT)
Red Star Press 
Amazing Red (Standing Shooting Star Press)
Regal Cutter 
William Regal (Single-Arm Trap Neckbreaker)
Regal Stretch 
William Regal (Modified STF)
Reverse of Fate (Extreme Twist of Fate) 
Jeff Hardy, Christy Hemme, Lita (Inverted Facelock to Neckbreaker)
Rewind Hurricanrana
Jonny Storm (Over-the-Top Turnbuckle Jumping Hurricanrana)
Rikishi Driver 
Rikishi (Over-the-Shoulder Belly to Belly Sit-Out Piledriver)
Rings of Saturn 
Perry Saturn, Austin Aries (Side Double-Arm Stretch)
Rising Sun 
Funaki (Off the Top Turnbuckle Tornado DDT)
Randy Orton (Jumping 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Rolling Elbow 
Masato Tanaka (Running Spinning Elbow Smash)
Rock Bottom 
The Rock (Side Slam)
Rocker Dropper 
Marty Jannetty, Brian Pillman (Wrist Lock Leg-Driven Bulldog Facecrusher)
Roll of the Dice 
Reno (Inverted Facelock Spinning Neckbreaker)
Royal Flush neckbreaker 
A-1 (Arm Trap Shoulder Neckbreaker)
Royal Mutilation
Paul Burchill (High Fujiwara Armbar)
Rude Awakening 
Rick Rude (Neckbreaker)
Rump Shaker 
Rikishi (Off the Second Turnbuckle Sit Down Splash)
Running Powerslam 
Davey Boy Smith, Harry Smith
Russian Sickle 
Nikita Koloff (Strong Running Clothesline)
Rydeen Bomb 
Satoshi Kojima (Sky Lift Powerbomb)

Sable Bomb 
Sable (Powerbomb)
Saving Grace 
D-Von Dudley (Lifting Reverse DDT)
Scorpion Death Drop 
Sting (Reverse DDT)
Scorpion Death Lock 
Sting (Leg-Lace Grapevine)
Seanton Bomb 
Sean O'Haire (Off the Top Turnbuckle Somersault Senton)
Seven Year Itch 
Billy Kidman (Shooting Star Press)
Sex Drive (Embalmer) 
Viscera (Double Choke Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Shake, Rattle, and Roll 
Honky Tonk Man (Augmented Swinging Neckbreaker)
Shamrock Anklelock 
Ken Shamrock (Fujiwara armbar into Anklelock)
Shake, Rattle, and Roll 
Road Dogg (B.G. James) (Augmented Series of Jabs)
Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Petey Williams, Lance Storm(Leg-Lace Grapevine)
Shattered Dreams (Dust Buster) 
Goldust (Rope Entangled Kick to Groin)
Alex Shelley (Swinging Reverse STO)
Shining Wizard 
Keiji Muto, Gregory Helms, Antonio Inoki, Homicide, CM Punk (Running stepup Knee Strike)
Shooting Cross Press
Jason Cross (Off the Top Turnbuckle Reverse Backflip Splash)
The Big Show (The Giant) (Choke Slam)
Sonny Siaki (Inverted Spinning Neckbreaker)
Sicilian Slice 
Nunzio (Off the Top Turnbuckle Leg-Driven Bulldog Facecrusher)
Simon Diamond (Fireman's Carry into Reverse DDT)
Simon Dean (Modified Spinning Leghook Fireman's Carry Slam)
Sky Elbow 
"Macho Man" Randy Savage (Off the Top Turnbuckle Elbow Drop)
Sky High 
D'Lo Brown (Sky Lift Powerbomb)
Slap Jack 
Stevie Ray (Lifting Double-Underhook Facebuster)
Sliced Bread No. 2 
Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley(Running Corner Back Flip 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
MNM ( Flapjack DDT )
Snow Plow 
Al Snow (Scoop Slam Side Brainbuster Driver)
Southern Neckbreaker 
"Classy" Freddie Blassie (Augmented Swinging Neckbreaker)
Soylent Green
Nate Webb (Canadian Back Breaker into 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Spanish Fly 
The S.A.T./Los Maximos (Off the Top Turnbuckle Double Moonsault Uranage)
Edge, Goldberg(Running Double Leg Takedown)
Spicolli Driver 
Tommy Dreamer (Death Valley Driver)
Spike Piledriver 
New Age Outlaws (Partner Assisted Piledriver)
Jeff Hardy (One-Arm Boston Crab)
Spiral Tap 
A.J. Styles (Front Flip 360� Spinning Senton)
SST (Severe Skull Trauma) 
Axl Rotten (Inverted Brainbuster Suplex)
Stage Dive 
The Headbangers (Powerbomb and Off The Top Turnbuckle Leg Drop Combo)
Steiner Flatliner 
Scott Steiner (Reverse Russian Leg Sweep)
Steiner Recliner 
Scott Steiner (Modified Camel Clutch)
Steiner Screwdriver (SSD) 
Scott Steiner (Flacon Arrow Inverted Piledriver)
Stevie Kick 
Steven Richards (Superkick)
Steven Richards (Leaping Double Underhook DDT)
John Cena (STS)
Stinger Splash 
Sting (Running Standing Splash to Opponent in the Corner)
Stone Cold Stunner 
Stone Cold Steve Austin (Sit-Out 3/4 Facelock Jawbreaker)
Storm Kick 
Lance Storm (Thrust Kick)
Trish Stratus (Springboard Bulldog)
Trish Stratus (Top Rope Leg Scissors Takedown)
Jeff Jarrett (Front Russian Leg Sweep)
Styles Clash 
A.J. Styles (Inverted Double Underhook Pancake Slam)
Sudden Impact 
D'Lo Brown (Modified Uranage Suplex)
Super Hero Slam 
Rosey (Wind-Up Sit-Out Uranage Slam)
Super Kwang 
Kwang (Spinning Heel Kick)
Superfly Splash 
Jimmy Snuka (Top Rope Augmented Splash)
Supernatural Driver 
The Boogeyman (Inverted Falling Slam)
Swanton Bomb 
Jeff Hardy (Top Rope Delayed Flip Senton Splash)
Sweet Chin Music 
Shawn Michaels (Superkick)
Sweet 'N Sour 
Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade (Tandem Clothesline and Chop Block)
Sweet Shane Music 
Michael Shane (Superkick)
Sweet Shin Music 
Dude Love (Strong Shin Kick into double arm DDT)
Swing Thing 
Johnny Swinger (Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep)

Trytan (Fireman's Carry Spinning Rack DDT)
Takin' Care of Business 
The Undertaker (Reverse Naked Choke Hold) (Dragon Sleeper)
Tazz (Half-Nelson Choke, Kati-hajime)
Tequila Sunrise 
Konnan (Modified Rolling Single Leg Crab)
Texas Cloverleaf 
Dean Malenko, Chad Collyer (Cloverleaf Crab)
Texas Tower Bomb
Lance Hoyt (Single leg one shoulder powerbomb)
That's Incredible 
Justin Credible (Spinning Belly to Belly Piledriver)
Tiger Driver
Jamie Noble, Scott Steiner, Mitsuharu Misawa (Double Underhook Powerbomb)
Tiger Driver '98
Excalibur (Double Underhook Piledriver)
Tiger Suplex 
Ultimo Dragon (Double Chicken Wing Belly-to-Back Suplex)
Marc Mero, Rhyno (Fireman's Carry into a 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Toblerone Driver 
Ares (Double Underhook Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Tombstone Piledriver 
The Undertaker, Kane, Fit Finlay (Belly to Belly Kneeling Piledriver)
Tommy Dreamer (Reverse Crucifix into Cutter)
Tongan Death Grip 
Meng (Haku) (Nerve Pinch to Neck)
Tornillo Mortal
Super Crazy (Corkscrew Moonsault}
Torture Rack 
Lex Luger (Argentine Back Breaker Submission), Chuck Palumbo
Total Elimination 
The Eliminators (Spinning Heel Kick and Leg Sweep Kick Combination)
Total Penetration 
Big Dick Dudley (Double Choke Sit-Out Powerbomb)
Trailer Hitch 
Jamie Noble (Inverted Leg-Lace)
Train Wreck 
A-Train (Canadian Back Breaker Drop)
Trash Compactor 
Duke Droese (Stalling Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam)
Triple Bypass 
Teddy Hart (Shooting Star Legdrop)
Truth Conviction 
Ron Killings (Sit-Out Gordbuster)
Truth or Consequences 
Ron Truth Killings (Sit-Out 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Twist of Fate 
Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Lita (Front Facelock to 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Test Elbow Drop 
Test (Modified Elbow Drop Off Top Rope)

Ultimate Press Slam 
Ultimate Warrior (Gorilla Press Drop)
Ultimate Splash 
Ultimate Warrior (Running Splash)
Unprettier (Impaler) 
Christian (Reverse Double Underhook DDT)

Vader Bomb 
Vader (Splash off the Second Turnbuckle)
Vader Sault 
Vader (Off the Top Turnbuckle Moonsault)
Van Daminator 
Rob Van Dam (Augmented Kick of Chair to Head)
Van Terminator 
Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon (Springboard Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle Dropkick, usually to chair or trash can)
VD - Viscera Drop 
Viscera (Big Splash)
Venis Flytrap 
Val Venis (Half Crab Leg Grapevine)
Midnight Express (Bear Hug Hold into Top Rope Leg Drop Combo), James & Chad Dick
Shane Helms (Reverse Gory Special Piledriver)
Vicious Bomb 
Sid Vicious (Powerbomb)
Scott Vick (Over the Shoulder Back to Belly Piledriver)
Vic Grimes (Second Rope Belly-to-Belly Piledriver)
Von Erich Claw 
Fritz Von Erich and other members of the Von Erich family (Iron Claw)

Walls of Jericho (Lion Tamer) 
Chris Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab)
Waffle Face 
Paul London (Sky Lift Double Chickenwing Face First Powerbomb)
Wam-Bam-Thank You Ma'am 
Bam Bam Bigelow (Off the Top Turnbuckle Diving Headbutt)
Wam-Bam-Thank You Ma'am 
Danny Doring (Leaping Double Underhook DDT)
Wave of The Future 
Frankie Kazarian (Twisting Facebuster)
West Coast Pop 
Rey Mysterio (Top Rope Springboard Hurricanrana)
Lash LeRoux (Fireman's Carry into a Michinoku Driver)
Mikey Whipwreck (Sit-Out 3/4 Facelock Bulldog)
Whisper In the Wind 
Jeff Hardy (Off the Top Turnbuckle Twisting Somersault Kick/Senton)
White Out 
Kerwin White (Chavo Guerrero) (Roll-Through into Single Leg Boston Crab)
White Russian Leg Sweep 
The Sandman (Russian Leg Sweep with a Singapore Cane)
Whoopee Cushion 
Doink the Clown (Off the Top Turnbuckle Sit Down Splash)
Widow Maker (Prophecy) (Cruel Intentions) 
Sean O'Haire (Reverse Fireman's Carry Slam)
Widow's Peak 
Victoria (Gory Special into Sit-Out Neckbreaker)
Wild Thing (Marvelocity) 
Marc Mero (Off the Top Turnbuckle Shooting Star Press)
World's Strongest Slam 
Mark Henry (Falling Powerslam)
Scotty 2 Hotty (Augmented Falling Chop to Throat)
Irwin R. Schyster (Jumping Lariat)

X-Clamation Point 
Brian-XL (Inverted Suplex into Minchinoku Driver) ("Michinoku Driver Beta")
X-Pac (Leaping Sit-Down Facebuster)
X-Marks The Spot 
X-Pac and Justin Credible (Double Thrust Kick)
Xavier (Cross-Arm Hangman's Neckbreaker)

Yang Time 
Jimmy Yang (James Yun) (Off the Top Turnbuckle Corkscrew Moonsault)
Yellow Jacket Suplex 
Buff Bagwell (Fisherman Suplex)
Yoshi Dropkick 
Yoshihiro Akio (Holding On To Ropes Dropkick)

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