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The Parlour

I am a gothic, victorian Mistress with long, dark hair, long painted nails and hazel eyes. While I am only 5'2" without heels and weigh just over not mistake Me for being weak. I am eexceptionally dominant Woman. I enjoy the psycodrama of domination, roleplay, and the Creation of Pain.I am the Mistress of your dreams and I know your secrets. I am the Mistress you desire and the Mistress you fear. I will take you to heaven by leading you straight thru hell...and you'll thank Me and beg for more. Do you dare to step into My Parlour?
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2070 Notorious Porsche's Playpen
Notorious Porsche's Playpen

World Famous Notorious Porsche power exchange top educator catering-converting newbies with 450+ to date �70 reviews. Strap-on Queen to be with over 350 notches in her belt. Owner/Designer of 20 D/s sites some award winning. Play with a Professional! 3 Galleries, Chat, Message Boards, and more!
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1460 TS Mistress Yasmin Ling
TS Mistress Yasmin Ling

Are you ready for some "Asian Persuasion"? In case you were wondering, I am a transexual with fully functional "male accessories." However, when you are at my feet, you will gaze up at an incredibly stunning, ultra-feminine Asian Domina.
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796 Fantasy Makers
Fantasy Makers

Live Your Fantasy - in a Safe, Discreet, Caring Place. We're a group of friends with fetish interests; a sort of kinky sorority. Our playhouse is comfortable, well-appointed, and conveniently located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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185 Fetish Toys
Fetish Toys

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1462 Mistress Xia
Mistress Xia

Goddess who will enrapture you with her presence. Sexy, smart and twisted . . . Xia is a natural who delights in slut training, sadomasochism, bondage & discipline, erotic embarrassment and fetish play.
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1045 Elizabeth Carson
Elizabeth Carson

High Class Erotica
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Mistress Miranda

Enjoying the privileges that dominance affords means taking the time to train, to punish and, when I desire, to seduce, in order to assure myself the level of personal service which I demand. If you have an interest in learning to please a woman of refined and strict tastes, follow my link.
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1499 a Femme to Domme you, MsKittyBlack
a Femme to Domme you, MsKittyBlack

Beautiful, Sensual, Sadistic. Amused by your pain. She will laugh at your suffering. Are you worthy?
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Amanda Cane, Second Generation Domme

Second Generation Domme well versed in many aspects. Private, fully equppied facility located in Colunmbus Ohio.
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Wecome to the World Of Lady Zena

I am an experienced, well known dom in the NYC vacinity. I love to show you by grabbing you between your legs{:"who's in charge?"then tie you up and you are my helpless boy toy.
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Real Girl Videos

Real Girlfriends having sex on film, Amateurs posing nude and Fetish Films.
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Mistress Desiree Dante Canadian pro dominatrix.

Welcome to my world of fantasy and fulfillment. My name is Desiree Dante and I operate "Decadence Ranch house", a small fully equipped dungeon northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At Decadence Ranch house I am able to offer a very private location for short and extended sessions. Our closest neighbor is miles away. As well the property is tree lined for privacy from the main road. I am proud to be able to offer you this facility coupled with my experience.
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Miss Lypzy

For information on your Goddess Miss Lypzy
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Mistress Julee's World

A mature, petite, Domina in Atlanta and New York City. Physically 4'10" at 97 lbs. with hypnotic hazel eyes, I carry myself with an air of elegance and class. From age 12 or 13, I knew women held power over men, if they chose to develop and use it.
1753 Mistress Esmeralda
Mistress Esmeralda

Mistress Esmeralda is a pro domme specializing in financial domination
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777 Chicago's Premier Mistresses in Domination
Chicago's Premier Mistresses in Domination

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980 Domina Athena's Divine Domination
Domina Athena's Divine Domination

A strikingly beautiful Dominatrix, I specializes in a number of disciplines and fetishes. I am limited only by My interests. I love a serious masochist, I understand not everyone can take the pain I long to give. I find other ways to make you suffer. photos, videos, and more, on My website
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524 Mistress Cheyennes World
Mistress Cheyennes World

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509 kashmir rose
kashmir rose

I am a european born .Well rounded intelligent, classy , Domm I speak 4 languages, Ive been in the fetish/alternative scene for 12 years as a actress/model and performer. I do all forms of role play/fetishes and fantasies . body worship, waxing sensual play to power play. i accept financial servents as well as i feel i am a goddess with deserving needs. if you worship me as such shall you be rewarded with my full attention. I am a busty fuschia red head with an curvy hour glass shape naturally. and honey brown eyes
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Lady Ashtyn

Pro Domme Lady Ashtyn's Website and BDSM Resource Directory. Includes articles and information on BDSM and the D/s lifestyle. Find out how you can serve Lady Ashtyn. Located in the Flint, MI area. Willing to travel anywhere for the right price.
356 Master Steelow guide to NYC Fetish parties events and more
Master Steelow guide to NYC Fetish parties events and more - Guide to New York City's Fetish Fashion scene, underground parties, BDSM events, Pro-Dom's night clubs, Dance, Alternative, kink, adult, costumes, private loft parties, vamp, Goth, Electro, body mod, Industrial party, NYC, Forums chat boards, personals classifieds free photo's and much much more!
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1358 Mistress Lauren
Mistress Lauren

Mistress Lauren stands 5'8, with waist length brunette hair and green eyes. I have over 10 years of experience with skills in all areas of Domination.
Come and visit me in my London chambers, with fully equipped Dungeon, and School room.
Located near Baker Street, W1
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692 Mistress Enjolie - Brings Sensuality to BDSM
Mistress Enjolie - Brings Sensuality to BDSM

Ever wondered how you would feel if a tall, exotic, ebony Mistress looked you over with her sexy, sensual brown eyes? Most likely she is thinking of new ways to make you struggle, shout and submit to Her will.
Come and experience discipline by an Ebony Goddess!
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Amateur Sex

Real amateur sex girl pictures for the amateur sex lovers
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470 Miss Jacqueline
Miss Jacqueline

Sophisticated Mistress with fully equipped, multiroom chambers in Kent, UK
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Fantasy Domination with My Lady Heidi

Atlanta dominatrix who offers services in cross dressing, training naughty boys, dungeon play, Dr's Visits, personal place space for couples or for that special someone, and a wish list for those that want to please Lady Heidi in complete devotion to her powers.
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660 mistress julia rain
mistress julia rain

tampas dominatrix delux. an extreme goddess who will capture your mind body and soul
543 Mistress Poison
Mistress Poison

Florida's Most Wicked Fetish Goddess
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575 The World of Mistress D Strix
The World of Mistress D Strix

Watch this UK Premier Domina laught at her pathetic slaves and sissies as she humiliates, uses and abuses them. 1000's images & hours of video
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391 Lady Rebecca ~ Domina Hannover
Lady Rebecca ~ Domina Hannover

Lady Rebecca verf�gt �ber das K�nnen, ihren Gegen�ber durch grenzenlose H�hen und Tiefen zu f�hren und aufzufangen.
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424 Mistress Misti
Mistress Misti

Welcome To My World
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928 Obey Your Mistress
Obey Your Mistress

This Mistress loves to play games! If you enjoy a good old-fashioned mind fuck, Mistress Georgia goes all the way!
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Foxy Muscle Wrestling

Heather Fine presents Foxy Muscle Wrestling, an NYC club, dedicated to the dominant, athletic woman. You can wrestle Heather Fine and many other beauties of She's So Strong Productions. Meet mistresses who are gorgeous, dominant and will kick your ass!
House of Passion

Experienced sophisticated mistresses and slave-girls fullfil your bizarrest wishes from soft to extreme hard; for the advanced as well as for the beginner in an individual program. Different fully equipped studios, the classroom, the medical section, the rubberroom, the lovely eqipped nursery and outdoor facilities with stables invites you with the lady of your choice.

722 Mistress Kiva
Mistress Kiva

Be My Toy! Pro Lifestyle Domme BDSM/Fetish
Exclusive Members Site

Corporal.Discipline.ForcedFem.Trampling.Smothering. Smoking/Foot/Panty/Nylon/Shoe/Boot/CorsetFetishes CBT.NT. GS.Medical.Play Piercing. Fire Play. Japanese Rope. Bondage.Mummification.Electrical. Kicking.Spitting. Slapping.Humiliation.Verbal Assault
334 Mistress Tia's Play Dungeon
Mistress Tia's Play Dungeon

Sensual, Sadistic Mistress Tia! In Search of Novice to Experienced slaves to come and play with me in My Dungeon! My Play Dungeon is located in DALLAS, GEORIGA U.S.A. Hope to See You Soon! ;}
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549 Ms. Norma Jean
Ms. Norma Jean

Ms. Norma Jean is the owner of man's Ruin, a 4,000 sq. ft facility in Orange County, Ca. She is also Sublime Lady of the OWK and Head Mistress of Club FEm, Southern California. Amazing Lady!
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Fetish Furniture

We have been purveyors of fine hand crafted furniture since 1994, supplying mainstream high street outlets with our very successful GOTHIC DRIFTWOOD range.

Now we offer you a full and exciting range of FETISH FURNITURE, either built to your own specifications, or directly out of our standard stock.

726 Kitten With A Whip ~ Natasha Strange
Kitten With A Whip ~ Natasha Strange

Natasha Strange is a BDSM professional offering Tease and Denial, Bondage, Tickling, Mummification, Sadomasochism, CBT, NT, OTK, Paddling, Whipping, Flogging, Roleplay, Blackmail, Footworship, Orgasm Control, Sissification, Crossdressing, Seduction, Golden Showers and Fetishes such as Latex, Leather, Vinyl, Corsets and stockings. She enjoys playing with and otherwise controling men's lives and them into her devotees.
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312 * * Fetish & BDSM
* * Fetish & BDSM

All the Best for BDSM, Fetish, Bondage and Torture. Quality shop on line with secure payments and fast delivery all over the World.
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605 Hypnotic Glow
Hypnotic Glow

Irresistible. Irrefusably Beautiful. One look, one sound, and you're hooked. Domination Hypnosis, Humiliation, FInancial Domination, and More. Hypnosis VIDEOS, MP3's for sale. Online training. Surrender to the Astoundingly Hypnotic Abilities of the most Beautiful Madame on the internet.
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279 Fetish Dating and BDSM personals
Fetish Dating and BDSM personals

Join today to find new partners Dommes, Doms, Slaves, Subs, Spankees , TV's, TS's, T-Girls ... One of the worlds largest BDSM Alternative lifestyle sex contacts sites.
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418 Dea Donatella - High Society Goddess of Eroticism
Dea Donatella - High Society Goddess of Eroticism

I allow you a look into my life as a dominatrix and goddess of eroticism in a world of luxury and decadence.
Ms Coral Korrupt

Ms Coral Korrupt
Beautiful,experienced, complete and perfect combination of Heaven & Hell.
One extreme to the next, sensual,seductive,playful, to the most cruel,perverse and extreme.
Taboo is my all time, favorite toy.
Mistress Ginger Stone

I am a sensual yet sadistic domina. I love to tease and torture you into slave heaven! I only want serious slaves to contact me!
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399 Total Chaos
Total Chaos

Enter My World Of Fetish, Fantasy, Pleasure and Pain...

No Desire is Too Wicked!
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489 Leather Commandress Hilda
Leather Commandress Hilda

Leather Commandress Hilda is a Sadistic Fetish Mistress. She tortures Her captive victims without mercy, using the most bizarre fetishistic practices...
544 Mistress Diva--The Tickle Queen
Mistress Diva--The Tickle Queen

Enter the World of New York's one and only 'Tickle Queen', Mistress Diva! Sweet, demanding and fun, I love pushing limits until they become expectations and bending slaves' wills to Mine.
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833 Femdom Planet
Femdom Planet

Large female domination index with many different categories.
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I am a Pro Domme at Red Door Dungeon. Cleveland, Ohio. I specialize in corporal punishment, spanking, bondage, cbt, nt, minor medical, golden showers and forced femme.
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291 ~Le Dungeon du Lioness~
~Le Dungeon du Lioness~

Le Dungeon du Lionesse is an exclusive and very private playspace. We who are the staff... are exclusive players in the fine art of definitive persuasion and behavioral modification. Pain management is a house specialty and we are Bound to get the results We want, always. Time honoured traditions are used, as well as leather, wood, rope, and...
Our imagination.

We ARE exclusive players, known mostly in the BDSM Underground... until now. We ARE the Trainers and slave Owners of Lions Head West slave Training Academy. We ARE... provocotive, elegant, High Form in Protocol, and elite.

We are NOT... game players (though we enjoy a good role-play).
We are NOT... cruel and unfeeling sadists (we feel you, alright~).
We are NOT unfair in any way.

We cater mostly to players-in-the-know, and those interested in the lifestyle, however those new to the world of BDSM will find our facilities not only welcoming, but safe as well as very educational.
A Lovely Little Dungeon In California's San Fernando Valley.
We are 10 minutes from the exclusive Van Nuys Executive Airport,
and only 30 minutes from LAX and Burbank Airports.

I am a sensual domina located in NYC ever seeking new playmates to worship, serve, and humbly obey my every command. Come, voyage with me on an erotic journey of fantasy, pleasure and pain.....Let your screams ignite me!!!!
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236 Aunt Claudia - The strictest disciplinary in Italy
Aunt Claudia - The strictest disciplinary in Italy

Carpet beater, riding crop, cane, home & school discipline, humiliation, foot fetish. Free foto gallery and video
547 Mistress Rox
Mistress Rox

The most cruel Mistress. Very sadist for slave extreme and wc total.
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Mistress Exene

Mysterious, Intelligent, Demanding, and Sensuous. Petite, Beautiful and Sexy. Originally from the the Deep South, Mistress Exene is in her 30's, stands 5'4", has jet black hair, pale white skin, and seductive brown eyes. But don't let her innocent looks fool you.
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Mistress Taryn

I'm a Vicious Goddess, but can be sensual when you are properly obedient. As a desendent of Amazon women, I am six feet tall and expect to be worshiped. If you serve Me well, I will enjoy playing with you and we will have fun. I like many types of sessions but role-play, humiliation, cross-dressing and sissy/slut training are personal favorites
Olde English Chambers

Stiletto NYC

Professional Domina Dungeon Located in NYC. Open 7 days.
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119 Mistress Edie
Mistress Edie

Dominant Foot Mistress will have you on your knees and begging for more. This gorgeous red-haired domme is experienced in all types of foot, boot and shoe worship, roleplay and sensual domination.
131 Mistress Calico's Lair
Mistress Calico's Lair

Welcome to my lair,can you survive my mental torments and submit to the senual sadist?
246 TopDomina24 - Your Dominaguide
TopDomina24 - Your Dominaguide

TopDomina24 presents the very best FemDom Ladies worldwide. FREE femdom video of the day, Domina Pics, Live Domina Cam & BDSM-Chat. Daily updated!
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Phoenix's Aerie

Over the past 7 years, I have been eager to experience much in this realm, from the sensual tease to darkest reaches of the psyche, honing My skills and expertise. Everything I have experienced in My time playing has deepened My love for dominance.
328 DommeWorld - a FREE site for Dommes & submissives. Where YOUR dreams meet OUR reality.
DommeWorld - a FREE site for Dommes & submissives. Where YOUR dreams meet OUR reality.

A free, interactive FemDom Resource & Community Site featuring message boards with Domme Boards top list, free member gallery, pay-per-view videos, books, dvds, free stories, femdom art, links, and more!

Coming soon: Mistress Listings, chat rooms and Mistress Interviews!
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176 GoddessJuliaRain

Tampas dominatrix delux an extreme young beautiful goddess

"Beautiful Blonde British Mistress in Toronto who loves corsets and demands perfect obedience from submissives. Distance training for international slaves available."
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144 Mistress Adriana Dusk
Mistress Adriana Dusk

Welcome to my Realm of Sensual Discipline. If you are a novice, take your time and explore. If you are an experienced submissive, savor. I know that my image will quickly find its way underneeth your eyelids, my words will echo in your fantasies, you will lust. I know, because I understand that craving deep inside of you. It has been with you as long as you can remember. This desire to submit, to let go of all inhibitions, to become my pet, my slave, my slut. Once you step through the threshold with me, you will never go back.

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Mistress Adira

A naturally stunning, intelligent, sophisticated, experienced and commanding dominatrix desires slaves who understand their calling for subservience and are unreservedly willing to submit to the enthralling power of this sensually strict Goddess.
63 Lady Rochester
Lady Rochester

Lady Rochester's realm of sensual domination, divine bondage, discipline and fetishes. I am a lifestyle dominatrix a compellingly beautiful Mistress with deep desires to explore your BDSM fantasies.
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the Best Femdom Links

Only the Best Femdom and related fetish sites.
148 Bizarr Paradise
Bizarr Paradise

High-Quality Website with over 10.000 SM- & Fetish-photos, video clips, of Europe`s SM-dungeon No. 1 in Munich & much more.

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289 Mistress Pantera
Mistress Pantera

I Offer Public Humiliation, Phone Domme, Key Service & More, This is a highly exclusive site for subs only, I am Your Mistress and you are my Slave, Nothing more Nothing Less
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131 Femdom Extreme !
Femdom Extreme !

Mistress Linda - demanding, cruel and merciless! Mistress Linda - THE one and only pro domme in Bulgaria! Mistress Linda - Supreme Goddess !!
107 Mistress Chantal
Mistress Chantal

Mistress Chantal is a bodacious and exotic French beauty with over 2 years of professional experience located in the California Bay Area. She will captivate you; seduce you with her sheer presence.
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177 Wicked Mztrz Lisa
Wicked Mztrz Lisa

I am a 35 year old BBW (for those that don't know, that means Big Beautiful Woman). I am a professional Dominatrix that is from Indianapolis, IN. You will be my little playtoy and nothing more. You WILL use manners at all times and refer to me as your Mistress or Your Queen. I also DEMAND that I be totally obeyed. I specialize in Humiliation, Collaring, Fantasy Role Play, Cock and Ball Torture, Strap-on Play Golden Showers, Spanking, Whipping, Mommy/Son Play, Hot Wax Fetishes, Bondage, Toys, Anal Training, Rape Play, Blackmail, Sissy Boy Training, Forced Feminization, Cage Training, Dog Training, Adult Diaper Fetish, Financial Domination, Cross Dressing

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USHRED - helps you start your own home based document shredding

Shredding companies charge way too much to come out and shred a bag or box full of your documents. You can start your own home base document shredding business.

94 Ms Sabrina Ward's Black Widow Productions
Ms Sabrina Ward's Black Widow Productions

Nashville, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay! A sensual sadist, Ms Ward is intelligent, creative and experienced. Some of her interests include slow sensual torture, teasing, erotic humiliation, bondage, cuckoldry, sissy maid training, foot, boot and high heel worship, and all types of role-play.

London based domina specialist in bdsm,medical,trampling,psycho-drama,spanking,sissy training,humiliation,electrics,anal training,judicial caning,

pony-play,ultimate mind control.
197 High Class Lady Stella Morgan
High Class Lady Stella Morgan

Real BDSM with personality!
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121 Goddess Alexia
Goddess Alexia

I am Goddess Alexia and I want to show you that the world of BDSM and Domination can be a continuous exploration for the experienced and need not be an intimidating one for the novice or interested observer.

Fully equipped dungeon in central London.

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124 Alexia's World
Alexia's World

Exclusive Domination Service, Fully Equipped Dungeon in Central London, Foot Fetish, Role-Play, Mind Domination,CP,CBT,Kidnaps and much more...

Novices to the most experienced welcome.

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125 The Platinum Cage
The Platinum Cage

Femdom Movies, BDSM & Fetish Movies, Role-Play, Real Sessions, Slave Training, Foot Fetish, Body Worship, Pain & Pleasure,Uniforms, Best UK Domms,

Fetish & Erotic Photos. Updated 5 Times A Week!

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Membership site devoted to the worship of Young Lifestyle Domina Princess Bianca. Thousands of pics, videos daily journal and MORE.
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144 Goddess Athena Lourdes
Goddess Athena Lourdes

Sensual to Severe Control, Humiliation, Tease, Torment, & More at the experienced and perverse

hands of a 6' Glamazon.
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web hosting

Complete Web hosting Directory offering reviews, articles, Seo and news.

Web Hosting

Directory of top quality web hosting services and reviews.
73 Domina Louiza
Domina Louiza

Sophisticated Dominance in Berlin.
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Mistress Alina

I am a multi-faceted Mistress, and use My knowledge to ensure that your submission is a truly spiritual experience.

I welcome both novices and experienced players; submissives, masochists, and fetishists of every stripe. I intend to bring your deepest desires to the surface, exploring them with you.

A naturally dominant woman, I am both sensitive and intense, caring and cruel. I aim to stretch your limits, pushing you further than where you've ever been.
122 Mistress Atropa
Mistress Atropa

Experienced Pro Domme. Working out of the Red Door Dungeon in Cleveland, OH. Seeing all types of clients, novice to experienced. I offer a wide variety of interests. Please visit my site, you can also sign up for my yahoo group at
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164 Saudi Mistress
Saudi Mistress

Sexy Sadistic Saudi Mistress male degradation and financial domination! join Harem now slaves!
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170 Ball and Chains
Ball and Chains

Best House in Ny.
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Mistress Alina

I am a multi-faceted Mistress, and use My knowledge to ensure that your submission is a truly spiritual experience.

I welcome both novices and experienced players; submissives, masochists, and fetishists of every stripe. I intend to bring your deepest desires to the surface, exploring them with you.

A naturally dominant woman, I am both sensitive and intense, caring and cruel. I aim to stretch your limits and pushing you further than where you've ever been.




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