Lucha Libre Vocabulary Luchadore


Assistance Advising and Administrating.

CMLL: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre:

World Council of Lucha Libre.

EMLL: Empresa Mejicana de Lucha Libre:

Mexican Company of Lucha Libre.

Lucha Libre:
lucha libre caliente mucho
lucha libre caliente mucho

Free Fighting, not to confuse with the american definition of free fight, but just Wrestling.




Brutal person, brawler, in wrestling we call it a heel/rulebreaker.


Craftsman, in wrestling terms a face/fan-favorite.



lucha libre bearded heel
lucha libre bearded heel








They will fight.

lucha libre chubbychaser
lucha libre chubbychaser

A ganar dos de tres ca�das sin limite de tiempo:

To win two out of three falls without a limit of time.

A ganar una sola ca�da con limite de diez minutas:

To win one single fall with a 10 minute time limit.

En la esquina t�cnica:

In the corner of the faces.

Por el bando rudo:

Representing the gang of the heels.
lucha libre dungeon fights

Los rudos, los rudos, los ruuuudos:

Arturo Rivi�ra shouts this as the heels win a fall.

Los t�cnicos, los t�cnicos, los t�cnicos:

Andres Moro�as shouts this sometimes when the faces win a fall.

El cuadril�tero:

The ring.

El r�feree:

Guess what....referee!!

lucha libre mask singlets n2n
lucha libre mask singlets n2n

La m�scara:

A mask.





lucha libre mucho caliente
lucha libre mucho caliente


Los Minis:


lucha libre wrestling mexico
lucha libre wrestling mexico

Tag teams.


Team consisting of three people.

lucha libre mucho grande
lucha libre mucho grande

Team consisting of four people.

El capit�n:

The teams captain.

lucha libre wrestler dominated
lucha libre wrestler dominated

El jefe:

The chief, also indicates the team captain.

lucha libre negro gringo
lucha libre negro gringo

Pain, damage.


Battle, match.

lucha libre vocabulary trabajo
lucha libre vocabulary trabajo

A low blow, causing and instand dq.

Now here comes a list of lucha libre moves:
[iron board] A move where you splash your opponent, eg. a flying cross bodypress, an ordinary splash etc.
Headbutt, about every move where you use your head to hurt the opponent.
lucha libre vocabulary gorditos
lucha libre vocabulary gorditos
This ajective is usually used for move that you perform to the outside of the ring. Like a tope suicida, the luchador nails his a opponent as he flies through the second and third rope into his opponent who is on the outside of the ring, head first.
[screw] Move "invented" by Hector Garza, a plancha with a full twist around his axis from the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring.
  • lucha libre vocabulary luchadore
    lucha libre vocabulary luchadore
  • Rana:
    [frog] A pinning position in which you hold the opponents shoulders on the mat using your legs, and blocking his legs with your arms (sounds complicated, but it's something like the ending position of a sunset flip, or a victory roll).
    Hurac�n rana:
    Move invented by Huracan Ramirez and made popular by Rey Misterio Jr. (in the States). It's the pin position you get in after a headscissor takedown (getting into a rana in Huracan's way). A flying headscissor that doesn't end in a "rana"-pin, is not a Hurac�n rana, but a victory roll for instance is.
    [blanket] Splashing your opponent with your back, eg Steve Regal's "Royal Roll" is technically a somersault cent�n, and Psicosis uses the Flying Cent�n as his finishing move (TNM calls it a senton).
  • lucha libre vocabulary hombres
    lucha libre vocabulary hombres
  • Guillotina:
    Leg drop, no more, no less.
    Espanos Planes:
    [flat on his back] A pin position that is not a rana (I can't make more of it).
    Parejas Incre�bles:
    Incredible pairings, heels teaming up with faces.


    luch libre all star wrestling mens scissors
    luch libre all star wrestling mens scissors
    lucha libre pec biting bearded wrestlers
    lucha libre pec biting bearded wrestlers
    lucha libre mil mascaras masked caliente men
    lucha libre mil mascaras masked caliente men
    lucha libre men wrestling el negros caliente
    lucha libre men wrestling el negros caliente
    lucha libre hair pulling men wrestling
    lucha libre hair pulling men wrestling
    lucha libre gorditos caliente hombres fat men
    lucha libre gorditos caliente hombres fat men
    lucha libre caliente hombres americana
    lucha libre caliente hombres americana
    lucha libre back breakers white hombres
    lucha libre back breakers white hombres

    luch libre bears daddies wrestlers caliente
    luch libre bears daddies wrestlers caliente



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